Seal of Allen Township

4714 Indian Trail Road
Northampton, PA 18067
Phone: 610.262.7012
Fax: 610.262.7364
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Board of Supervisors (Elected 6-Year Term)
   Larry Oberly    Chairman (term expires 1/1/20) Email 610-262-7012
   Dale Hassler    Vice Chairman (term expires 1/1/20) Email 610-262-8787
   Alfred Pierce    Supervisor (term expires 1/1/18) Email 610-262-7012
   Bruce Frack    Supervisor (term expires 1/1/18) Email 610-262-7012
   Gary Behler    Supervisor (term expires 1/1/22) Email 610-262-7012 ext 7111

Office Administration
   Main Number    Allen Township    610-262-7012
   Ilene Eckhart    Township Manager Email ext 109
   Joanne Bailey    Secretary/Accounting Assistant Email ext 110
   Michael J. Edelman, Sr.    Zoning Officer/Building Code Official Email ext 103
   Walter Diefenderfer    Code Enforcement Officer Email ext 104

Public Works
   Tom Gogle    Crew Leader Email ext 105

Emergency Management Coordinator
   Gary Krill    Email 610-262-7012

Fire Chief/Fire Marshall
   Dale Hassler    Email 610-262-7012

Real Estate Tax Collector (Elected 4-Year Term)
   Carolyn Davis    (term expires 1/1/18) Email 610 262-7842

Planning Commission (Appointed 4-Year Term)
   W. Eugene Clater    Chairman
   Gary Krill    Vice Chairman
   Alfred Pierce   
   Gary Behler   
   Louis Tepes, Jr.   

Zoning Hearing Board (Appointed 5-Year Term)
   David Austin    Chairman
   Paul Mauser    Vice Chairman
   Paul Link, Secretary   
   Tony Czonstka   
   Gerald Montanari Jr.   

   Robert Cox, P.E., PLS   Township Engineer
  Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.
   B. Lincoln Treadwell, Jr. Esq.   Township Solicitor
  Treadwell Law Offices, LLC
   Daniel G. Spengler, Esq.   Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor
   Keith Valentine   Sewage Enforcement Officer (On-lot)
  Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.
   Anthony Czonstka   Public Building Sewer Inspector (Laterals)
   Keith Valentine   Alternate - Public Building Sewer Inspector (Laterals)
  Barry Isett & Associates, Inc.

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